‘So Much Surrealism that Things Will Never Be the Same’: A Conversation with Paul Buhle


  • Abigail Susik Willamette University
  • Paul Buhle Brown University


Interview with Paul Buhle

Author Biographies

Abigail Susik, Willamette University

Abigail Susik is the author of Surrealist Sabotage and the War on Work (Manchester University Press, 2021) and co-editor of the volumes Surrealism and Film after 1945: Absolutely Modern Mysteries (Manchester University Press, 2021) and Radical Dreams: Surrealism, Counterculture, Resistance (Penn State University Press, 2022). Susik is a founding board member of the International Study for the Society of Surrealism and an Associate Professor of Art History at Willamette University.

Paul Buhle, Brown University

Paul Buhle is the author or editor of more than three-dozen books, including historical graphic novels such as WOBBLIES! (2005), a centenary celebration of the Industrial Workers of the World created with Franklin and Penelope Rosemont. He founded the SDS Journal Radical America and the Oral History of the American Left archive. He is co-editor of the Encyclopedia of the American Left (1990) and is a former Senior Lecturer at Brown University.